Insulating tape operation principle and operation method

by:Yourijiu     2021-02-05
Insulating tape and insulating tape, adhesive tape, consists of a baseband pressure sensitive rubber cover. Electrician is used to avoid leakage, insulation effect of a tape. Why, then, insulating tape can be done to avoid the leakage? What are some tape on operation using needs pay attention to? Below, just for us in this aspect of knowledge.


insulating tape is widely used for under 380 v voltage tape use of wire wound crepe paper, joints, insulation, sealing and so on electric operation. Production technology has a brush glue and glue method two kinds. Craftsmanship: with polyvinylchloride (PVC) as the backing material, which are coated with rubber pressure-sensitive adhesive. Principle:

direct use plastic tape flaw: plastic tape moment does a long easy dislocation, glue; Electrical load weight, fever, joint plastic tape is easy to melt to shorten; Power connector kneading each other within the junction box, joint have burrs, easy scratches plastic tape, etc.

these hazards will directly endanger the personal safety, caused by short circuit, the formation of a fire. And use black insulation tape will not present the above situation, it must have the strength, flexibility, can long time tight around tapping, affected by time and temperature and compact shape, not falling, and flame retardant. Moreover, with black tape wrapped around again after plastic insulation tape to moisture, rust.

of course, since the insulation adhesive tape is flawed, and it has good waterproof function but easy to break, so eventually need to tie up as a protective layer, layer 2 plastic tape on the insulation of the joint and the joint since stick with each other not sticky, function better.

operation method:

in the process of electricity, although people pay attention to the power cord material cross-sectional area the size of the safe use of electric, but tend to be joint use the insulating tape can't pay attention to. Power line installation is more and more disorderly, walk under the wood floor, wall, diaphragm and moist underground or in the water. If the insulating tape used wrong, leakage will attack, endanger personal safety. So we should correct use of insulating tape, the power cord joint connection points '+' word, '. . . 'The word connection,' T 'connection, etc. Joint should be bound tightly, lubrication, no burr, otherwise, before the thread broken, should press gently with combination pliers, first round to the inlet pressure, then side, thread will break in disconnect joint. If joint in dry place, should be with black tape wrapped around 2 insulation layer, then wrap plastic tape 2 layer, then stretched around 200%, with insulation adhesive belt around 2 ~ 3 layers, finally put 2 layers of plastic adhesive tape.

after understanding, although the insulation tape has excellent high voltage, fire and weather resistance and other characteristics, designed for connecting separated electrical wires for electrical insulating and protection purposes, but if the improper operation, not only can not play a protective effect, also may endanger personal safety may cause fire. So, when using, demand has the basic common sense.

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