Insulation epoxy coal asphalt in anticorrosion pipeline technology

by:Yourijiu     2021-02-03

now apply as domestic industry demand for pipeline anticorrosion technology, a variety of high-performance anti-corrosion insulation technology, is more excellent insulation anticorrosive pipe, such as PE anticorrosive steel, epoxy coal tar anti-corrosion steel pipe, epoxy powder anticorrosive pipe, etc.

< br /> insulation anticorrosive epoxy coal tar anti-corrosion steel pipe in the pipe, using the epoxy coal tar anti-corrosion coating is mainly composed of two components, and coal tar epoxy. Belong to two components coating, its characteristic has the strong adhesion, toughness, resistance to moisture, water resistant, resistant to chemical medium, and prevent all kinds of ions through the paint film performance, at the same time with epoxy coal tar has been painted objects together expansion shrinkage characteristics of the epoxy coal tar coating will not appear because the pipe caused by expansion or contraction of the peeling and cracking phenomenon.

< br /> epoxy coal pitch as anticorrosion coating of high performance, and through the engineering tests show that is safe to use for 20 years. Epoxy coal tar anti-corrosion steel pipe environment: the use of sea water or fresh water pipeline outer wall corrosion, the outer wall of underground pipelines, the outer wall of heat pipe, sluices anticorrosive paint, and other fields have a good effect.

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