Interpretation of the polyolefin adhesive tape special terms

by:Yourijiu     2021-02-03

SY / T0414 - 2017 steel pipeline anticorrosion coating technology standards, rules on the polyethylene resin as material, through extrusion calendering process diaphragm for base material, made of coated with pressure-sensitive anti-corrosion adhesive and with polypropylene fiber woven geotextile do back material, coated with pressure-sensitive anticorrosive coil made of plastic. The cold wind coated using polyolefin anticorrosive material referred to adhesive tapes, named after the base material of polyethylene tape and polypropylene tape respectively. The thickness of the polyethylene tape with pressure-sensitive adhesive, no less than 30% of total thickness and thin polyethylene tape glue type, accounting for more than 70% of the total thickness is thick rubber type polyethylene tape. Currently polypropylene tape only thick rubber type adhesive tape, because of the thick rubber type adhesive tape rubber thickness is big, strong viscosity, for ease of solution volume in specific adhesive surface attached with a layer of mucous membrane or from type paper.

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