Is the tightness of the tape related to the quality? Production of transparent sealing glue

by:Yourijiu     2022-04-14
The production of transparent sealing adhesive will share with you: the tape is rolled by machine in the process from semi-finished product to finished product, and there is a certain tension. If the tension is large, the tape will be rolled tightly, and the tape should be rolled according to the routine. neat. Such a tape has no gaps, and the degree of bonding between glue and air is small, which can prolong the shelf life of the tape and maximize the retention of the adhesive force of the tape. Inferior tapes contain impurities, so the glue is uneven, and there will be no problem after being rolled into a finished product, but gaps begin to appear after a long time. Production of transparent sealing glue If you find a tape with gaps in the tape purchase, then you don't have to choose to buy it, it is a typical loose performance. If you can't tell the difference intuitively, I suggest weighing it.
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