It has been completely replaced by duck tape. Likewise

by:Yourijiu     2020-06-15
In its earlier incarnations, moving boxes were tied with ropes made of hemp, jute, coir, sisal or other natural fibers, and the fact made these ropes the most important item of moving supplies. These natural fiber ropes were replaced later by ropes made of synthetic fibers like nylon, polypropylene etc. Ropes did a fine job, because they doubled as handles for carrying the boxes as well, which is an appendage that the present day boxes lack. However, at some stage, rope lost its throne to the quaintly named duck tape as the most important moving supplies ingredient. Duck tape is a tape with pressure sensitive adhesive on one side. It has strong adhesion ability and wide duck tapes can withstand reasonable weight also. Duck tape is waterproof as well, and this characteristic is believed to have caused this moving supplies item to be named after the aquatic bird. An alternative name is duct tape. Duck tapes are available in several colors these days and carton sealing tapes which are the color of moving boxes, or are transparent, are the ones more popular among moving supplies. These have evolved so much that duck tapes are now available with the words 'fragile' or 'check contents' written boldly over them. Using them saves people the job of writing these things on their boxes in bold. Bubble wrap, next in the list of moving supplies items, is something that has made its appearance in the packing and moving industry together with the arrival and preponderance of electronic goods. These are sheets of plastic with evenly spaced bubbles all across, and are used for covering sensitive and delicate objects. Depending upon the amount of shock protection and cushioning an object requires; it will be covered with one or more layers of this component. The bubbles that cover the bubble wrap, and have given it its name, can vary in size from 6mm to 26mm. The type of bubble wrap used in moving supplies can vary in quality also. For covering electronic items, anti-static bubble wrap is used. The bubbles of bubble wrap are filled with air, and make a popping sound when punctured. So bubble wrap lends itself as a toy as well, and children are always eager to play with sheets of bubble wrap. Since the virtual world never allows to be left behind in anything, there are now bubble wrap games all over the Internet that anyone can play. In a way, there are now virtual moving supplies as well!
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