It is when children play that they are able to learn best

by:Yourijiu     2020-06-22
Fitness is something that can be best taught to children through games and other interesting activities. As young as they are, children already need to be aware about being fit. When the young ones are healthy and fit, their bodies are able to prevent illnesses and diseases. To foster fitness and health to the young minds of children, parents and educators can make use of appropriate fitness activities that kids will enjoy. Benefits of Physical Activities Children who have regular participation in physical activities for fitness and health are known to become mentally and physically well. These children are able to have better sleep. They are often in good and cheery mood; they also display improved focus and concentration. With regular physical activities, blood pressure will be healthy. They also help reduce children's risks of obesity and other chronic diseases. What To Consider In school, when our kids see their classmates enjoying games and activities, they also feel encouraged to participate. Nevertheless, there are other things that parents can do to motivate children to participate in such activities. If the parents lead an active lifestyle, the child will also grow up following the examples he/she sees from his/her parents. You can include or let your child come along with you as you do stretching exercises, as you go outside for a walk or for a biking trip, etc. It will also be helpful to get every member of the family to be involved in these fitness activities. Fitness Activities Kids Will Enjoy Games are excellent media in teaching kids about fitness. You can invent and improvise your own games or simply make use of traditional games like jumping rope, relay race and playing tag. Such games will help kids to become active. Instead of encouraging the child to exercise per se, make use of activities that can produce same health results and motivate the young ones to move. Encourage and allow your child to pursue a sport hobby or activity. If you see your child showing interest on a particular sport, help your child to discover and learn more about it. You could also be the one to introduce your child to various kinds of sport activities like basketball, volleyball and badminton. Indoor Fitness Activities When the weather is bad and children could only stay inside, you there are also some indoor activities that they can participate in. Clear a room or big space in the house and organize an indoor volleyball game where you will use a lightweight balloon instead of the regular volleyball. A balloon is less likely to damage items inside the home because of its light weight. You can use masking tape to define the court boundaries. You can tie a string across the room to serve as net. Make the net more noticeable by tying some ribbons or colorful handkerchiefs to the string. Look for simple activities that will serve as some sort of exercise for the kids such as dancing, lifting books, etc. Jumping rope is also another physical and fun activity that your child can play indoors.
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