Judgment of adhesion of polypropylene adhesive tape

by:Yourijiu     2021-08-01

The adhesive strength of polypropylene adhesive tape is a very important product performance. It is related to the sealing performance of the anti-corrosion layer, thereby affecting the anti-corrosion effect of the anti-corrosion layer. According to the SY/T0414-2007 standard, the adhesive force of polypropylene adhesive tape has only two manifestations. They are: the adhesive force of the tape to the primer steel (peel strength) and the adhesive force of the tape to the backing material (peel strength). The data index of the former is: ≥20N/cm. The latter is divided into two situations: ≥5N/cm for the backing material without release paper; ≥20N/cm for the backing material with release paper.

Recently, a customer told me that the product is not very viscous, based on the fact that it does not feel sticky. I can only tell customers based on my above concept: the judgment of the adhesion strength of polypropylene anticorrosive tape cannot be judged by the feel. The most scientific method is to use a spring balance to test the peel strength of the finished anti-corrosion layer. The test method is as follows: Use a knife to cut an adhesive tape layer with a width of 10 mm and a length greater than 100 mm. Then use a spring balance to pull it apart at a 90o angle to the pipe wall, and the pulling speed should not exceed 300mm/min. Then judge by comparing the reading of the spring balance. Products that meet the index requirements are all qualified products. Otherwise, it is unqualified.

Let’s talk about the unscientificity of the feel viscosity. Adhesive tape with good hand-feel, generally the fluidity of the adhesive layer is better, and the unwinding of the tape is more laborious. In practice, polypropylene anticorrosive tape has a good adhesive layer and the peel strength of the tape is generally relatively poor. Because unwinding is more laborious, this kind of tape is prone to degumming. I think: a good tape should have proper unwinding strength, and the adhesive layer can meet the standard requirements. The quality of the tape should be judged by the anti-corrosion effect.

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