Key Points of Field Welding and Patching of Polyolefin Adhesive Tapes

by:Yourijiu     2021-07-31

Key points for on-site welding of polyolefin adhesive tape with anticorrosive coating

(1) Thick glue-type adhesive tape with a thick glue layer and a thin base material should be used at the weld joint of the pipe connection.

(2) Remove the steel pipe at the mending first, and then apply the matching primer that is compatible with the adhesive tape.

(3) The overlap between the patch and the original polyolefin adhesive tape coating on both sides should be greater than or equal to 100mm.

(4) When winding the adhesive tape, first open a section at the interface and wind it in the circumferential direction, and then spirally lap 50% of the width of the adhesive tape.

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