Kitulgala is a village that is located in the

by:Yourijiu     2020-07-21
The road that leads to this small and peaceful village away from the main roads descends from the central highlands into the wet lowlands. The region is known for its Kitul Pani (palm treacle) and is laid out in a dramatic setting with the great Kelani River flowing through the village making it a hot spot for film making and adventure sports. Amidst the thirty species of birds and exuberantly green rainforests, local and foreign adventure lovers enjoy thrilling rides through the currents and tides while white water rafting. The Kitulgala rapids vary between Grade two and four. Rapids have been titled and sound as demanding and thrilling as the rapids themselves - Virgin's Breast, Killer's Fall, Head Chopper, Butter Crunch, White Quarter and Rafter's Quarter. Only a pilot kayak will guide you through the 7 kilometres of rapids, tumbling through the currents on this joy ride. At the end of the stretch, visitors would have experienced a rush of adrenaline, a speedy recovery and the greatest memories of their holiday. Teeming with the greatest abundance of tropical fruits and vegetables that one can imagine, the lowland plantations and orchards will invite you to take a stroll in the early hours of the day. Treat yourself to wood-apple, mangosteen or enjoy the village's greatest dessert of buffalo curd and palm treacle - a dessert that is purely natural. Enjoy the experience of life among the thick rainforests and rivers, while staying nestled amidst the silent mangroves and turbulent waters. Enjoy this experience of white water rafting Sri Lanka with family and friends. A vibrant tropical paradise with so much to do, it provides many accommodation options for the international and local traveller. Visit Truly Sri Lanka, a web portal where travellers who wish to adventure Sri Lanka will find the ideal options and can view the variety of delights that is available.
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