[Leading future office supplies] Christmas gifts speak multiple languages u200bu200bto open up new markets

by:Yourijiu     2021-08-16
Production costs increase, and companies dare not raise prices lightly, so how to deal with foreign companies' price reductions and successfully win orders? The reporter learned from the second phase of the 106th Canton Fair yesterday that exhibitors have done their best to take the lead in future office supplies, such as launching new products that save product costs, adding Chinese elements, and increasing production costs, but companies dare not take lightly. In terms of price increase, how to deal with foreign companies' price reduction and successfully win orders? The reporter learned from the second phase of the 106th Canton Fair yesterday that exhibiting companies have done everything they can to take the lead in future office supplies, such as launching new products that save product costs, adding Chinese elements, and customizing multinational identities for products. Increasing costs. Companies dare not raise prices. From the 23rd to the 27th, the second phase of the Canton Fair will feature 3 commodity categories, including daily consumer goods, gifts, and home decoration, with 16 exhibition areas. Toys, a traditional bulk export commodity, is one of the main exhibits in the second phase. It is understood that since 2007, leading the future of office supplies, the two major markets in Europe and the United States have greatly increased the safety standards of toys, and the increase in entry barriers has directly led to the increase in the production costs of domestic toy companies, especially the inspection costs. The cost of inspection has increased by 10%, that is, for every toy produced, 10% of the production cost comes from inspection fees. Xu Hong, general manager of Jiangsu Qintaier Toys Co., Ltd., told reporters that at present, the company's testing costs alone amount to one million yuan, while in the past this figure was only 80,000 to 100,000 yuan. Production costs have increased, but companies dare not raise prices lightly. The company's current net profit is between 5% and 8%, but it can be predicted that the profit will gradually shrink with the increase in raw material costs and labor costs. Xu Hong said: Now that the market has just recovered, how dare to raise prices for office supplies in the future? Our quotation is the same as the previous session. Introduce new products, independent innovation and win orders. The production cost has increased, and the quotation dare not increase, but the customer's price reduction is even more severe. Guo Jianhong, the business director of Nanjing Delta Toys u0026 Gifts Co., Ltd., said that many export companies no longer rely on OEM and OEM production to make profits. When a customer approves your design and products, they will have long-term cooperation, and the order volume is large. Profits are also high. ? This is the new product designed and researched and developed independently by the company at the Canton Fair this year-the ‘light life’ design. According to Chen Lang, chairman of Guangdong Minglang Daily Necessities Manufacturing Co., Ltd., leading office supplies in the future, in order to effectively reduce the production cost of products, the company hires designers and engineers to design and slim products with high salaries. The reporter saw that this light life design incorporates traditional Chinese window grille art into the product. The product is lighter and saves a lot of material costs. As a result, it has won a large number of export orders. The reporter noticed that the products with Chinese elements sold very well at this Canton Fair. The story series of the 12 heroines of 'Dream of Red Mansions' is selling very well. It has only been shown for two days, and more than 5,000 sets have been ordered. Zhan Jianquan, general manager of Stargo Porcelain Art Development Co., Ltd., stated that Stargo has already received US$5 million in overseas orders after only two days of setting up the exhibition, of which the Chinese style series accounted for more than half. Expand the market. Toys can speak multiple languages. Our Christmas gifts now speak multiple languages. Pan Yong, the head of the exhibition of Fujian Deyi Group, told reporters that because the European and American markets have not improved significantly, the MerryChristmas printed on Christmas gifts in previous years have been reprinted into the languages u200bu200bof many countries, leading the future of office supplies such as Christmas gifts in Spanish and Portuguese. Basically, they are sent to South American countries such as Brazil and Argentina. And Christmas gifts sold to emerging markets such as Russia, Eastern Europe, Southeast Asia, etc., also use local greetings and greetings.
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