Level, strengthen the thick rubber type polyethylene tape coating winter construction Suggestions

by:Yourijiu     2021-02-03

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1 in chose our company. 0 mm thick rubber type of polyethylene tape and primers P27, according to SY/T0414 - 2017 standard level, strengthen the anticorrosion layer structure, put forward Suggestions as follows.

1, the steel pipe surface treatment, derusting, in addition to welding slag, burr, oil and sundry, and maintain a clean and dry. Conform to the requirements of the GB/T 8923, should remove rust St3 level, should achieve Sa2 mechanical descaling. Level 5.

2, besmear brushs paint: use away from the fire, stirring evenly after with a clean brush, roller brush, or other mechanical methods uniform coating without leakage besmear again.

3, according to the current temperature temperature, combining with the characteristics of our products, after the primer coating can be wrapping tape.

4, wrapping tape to 50 ~ 55% in lap bandwidth, two layer formed again, meet, strengthen level, to achieve a total thickness of 2 or more. 0mm。 In construction process to increase the thick rubber type balance of polyethylene tape tension, to achieve close to the surface, realize BaoPing no space, no buckling effect.

5, according to the early, middle and night temperature difference is bigger now, for the pipeline prefabrication anticorrosive good, take cover a shading method parking 24 hours or more.

6, construction temperature: - 10~+50℃; It is prohibited to rain, snow, fog humidity > 85% cases, and the larger environment outdoor construction sand.

note: adhesive tape to deposit at indoor, avoid frozen!

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