【 Life common sense 】 Remove the bottom of the pot trademark small coup

by:Yourijiu     2021-02-04

            New dishes, cups, plates, bowls, ceramic everyday items, such as in the above labels are made with adhesive on it, with the hand to tear, and tear not clean, will stay part is more difficult to remove, can only rely on water to wash, to be washed many times, can be washed away. Now teach you some of life's little coup, say goodbye to these troubles.
< br / > 1。 First will be posted on stickers decoration on the surface of the tear, with warm water ( Winter used hot water) The towel is wet, traces the stickers to repeat it twice; With a wet towel on soap again, repeat a few times at trace; Lather with a clean wet towel finally wipe, stickers traces are removed.

2。 With toothpaste smear evenly on the surface of stickers, slightly for a little while, and then use soft cloth to wipe, sometimes adhesive is more and more strong, just again on a didn't remove traces of smear toothpaste, method, still can remove the headache of stickers.

go try it! ! !

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