Lithium battery tape adhesive is introduced

by:Yourijiu     2021-02-05
1. Acrylic plastic

plastic is introduced: it has excellent oxidation resistance, solvent resistance, because this often mixed with natural rubber use or used alone to configure the water resistance, aging resistance, oil resistance good pressure sensitive adhesive.

characteristics and USES: this product is colorless transparent, environmental protection, odorless non-toxic, has strong adhesive relay, ageing resistance, on the base material has a wide adaptability, strong effect on PET PVCPP PE such as adhesive, suitable for ABS, metal materials, acrylic, blister products, PET. PVC。 PP. PE film such as special glue, can also be used for fastening foam, plastic, adhesive paper, non-woven fabrics, such as difficult to stick adhesive materials,

three key tape of acid and alkali resistant acrylic adhesives resistance to solvent electro-hydraulic, conforms to the rohs standard, especially suitable for lithium battery termination of the production of adhesive tape.

2。 Silicone pressure sensitive adhesive is introduced:

glue silicone pressure sensitive adhesive adhesive has good resistance to high ( Low) Mild climate resistance and good at the beginning of the viscous force and viscous, the material has slight pressure can be with most of the solid surface adhesion. Silicone pressure sensitive adhesive is a silicone pressure sensitive adhesive with proper viscosity resin, natural rubber or synthetic rubber, softener. Protective agent. Packing. Crosslinking agent. Solvents, such as

features: excellent high and low temperature performance, environmental protection, low stress, the seismic performance is good, low compression permanent deformation, excellent electric properties, excellent weather resistance. Low surface tension, excellent wetting properties, environmental friendly, non-flammable, almost no harmful release.

3。 Rubber pressure-sensitive adhesive

adhesive is introduced: with natural rubber or butyl rubber and other rubber viscoelastic body as the main raw material, with proper viscosity resin, natural rubber or synthetic rubber, softener. Protective agent. Packing. Crosslinking agent. Solvent, such as

features: because of high relative molecular mass, the glass transition temperature is low, it has good compatibility with viscosity-enhancing resin, the reason of pressure sensitive adhesive with viscous force is very good, low temperature performance, viscosity and adhesive force are good. But ageing resistance ability is poor, impurity content is high.

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