Lithium battery tape substrate introduction pet polyester film

by:Yourijiu     2021-08-08
Substrate: pet polyester film

Polyethylene terephthalate crystalline polymer, density is 1.30~1.38g/cm³, melting point is 255ºC~260ºC, it has the greatest strength and toughness among thermoplastics Its film tensile strength is comparable to aluminum foil, 9 times that of polyethylene and 3 times that of polycarbonate and nylon. Polyethylene terephthalate maintains its excellent physical and mechanical properties in a wide temperature range. The temperature within -20º~80Cº has little effect. The long-term use temperature can reach 120ºC, and it can be used at 150ºC for a period of time.

Polyethylene terephthalate is also resistant to hydrofluoric acid, phosphoric acid, acetic acid, and oxalic acid at higher temperatures, but hydrochloric acid,

sulfuric acid, and nitric acid can make it suffer from varying degrees of Damage, such as a decrease in tensile strength. Strong alkali, especially alkali at high temperature, can hydrolyze its surface, especially ammonia water.

Its production is to first make a sheet or thick film from the melt of polymer polyester through a long and narrow machine head, and then in a special stretching machine, at a certain temperature and a set speed, at the same time Or it can be stretched step by step in two vertical directions (longitudinal and transverse), and made by appropriate cooling or heat treatment or special processing (such as corona, coating, etc.). Among various films, it is a film with comprehensive optical and mechanical properties, good transparency and surface gloss. It also has excellent impact resistance and tensile strength, excellent heat resistance and optical resistance.

With high-temperature resistant silicone rubber series glue, it can produce high-temperature tapes that can withstand more than 180 degrees. The TB22667 tape belongs to this type. It can be used for parts where lithium batteries need to be resistant to high temperatures but do not need to be resistant to electrolytes. With the high temperature resistant acrylic (acrylic) series glue, it can produce high temperature resistant tapes above 150 degrees. The TB2235 tape belongs to this type. It can be used for parts of lithium batteries that require high temperature resistance and electrolyte resistance. With special acrylate glue that is resistant to electrolyte, it can produce termination tapes with a temperature resistance of more than 90 degrees. TB1237, TB1239, and TB1266 tapes fall into this category and can be used for the termination of lithium battery cells. The digital termination tape TB1230 also belongs to this category. The base material has good overall performance. It can be used as a termination tape with acrylic adhesive system, and can also be used with organic silicone system to produce high-temperature adhesive tape, as a PACK tape, but it is not suitable for use as a tab tape due to its high hardness and good stiffness.

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