Lithium battery usage and choose the tape method

by:Yourijiu     2021-02-05

tape lithium-ion batteries and lithium electricity protective tape by a variety of substrate with all kinds of glue, different treatment, such as bottom coating agent and isolation agent to produce different features to meet different needs. According to different requirements, lithium battery tape generally can be divided into the following kinds of tape:

lithium battery tape classification according to the base material: PET, PI

lithium battery tape by glue classification: acrylate ( Acrylic) Series, silicone pressure sensitive adhesive series, rubber pressure sensitive adhesive series, such as

lithium battery tape according to use classification: stop tape, PACK tape, protective film tape, ear tape, high temperature tape, fixed tape, removable adhesive tape, double-sided tape, etc.

  End tape

used in cylindrical and square, small and medium-sized lithium-ion battery and large power lithium-ion battery batteries, battery pole ear and winding insulation fixed end, termination and puncture proof effect.

  U. S. profile of paper tape

is mainly used in batteries, liquid injection production process at the top of the sealing side, good service, high temperature resistant.

  Lithium battery tape selection method

lithium battery tape of choose and buy, the first thing we have to look at the tape insulation fixed effect, can have insulated protection for all kinds of lithium ion batteries and a fixed role.

second lithium batteries are similar to ordinary adhesive tape, adhesive tape selection of if the smell is very strong and has a sour taste, the retention of this tape is very poor, especially in low temperature environment, basic stick on lithium ion products will be cracking or take off, the strong taste of early feel viscous force is a sticky, but will soon dry rubber surface to lose viscosity, the time has a crack in the surface of adhesive tape, this is because the glue is not well.

generally inferior adhesive tape film color will be dark, this kind of tape fracture probability is very high, intensity difference. Feel hard membrane adhesive tape is generally more times, and as the film thickness, the actual number of meters will be reduced. Good tape chooses membrane are soft, good tensile staying power by hand. General appearance color more white transparent tape, adhesive tape impurity is less, can ensure normal gum, 100 meters below the tape has certain transparency can see paper tube. Surface had yellow tape the tape distribution of irregular white point, pressure by hand wipe not to go for impurities or glue dry imprinting, this product is generally with a smell.

to paste properties of microporous: due to the effect of paste of the tape, is the adhesive tape surface water infiltration after tape glue paste content in dry quickly and make the tape become a part of the paste content, so you want paste content on the surface of the pores are very important to the choice of adhesive tape, if machine microporous sex more cargo moisture absorption force is bigger, we must adopt the rapid condensation adhesive tape, use condensation slower tape or conversely containing a higher proportion of adhesive tape.

surface adhesive tape: usually in adhesive fully dry again after finishing rolls, if the glue is too wet, the tape itself will be very tight stick together, hard to open when using, it just won't work.

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