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by:Yourijiu     2020-07-15
Among the best in bar tape, Lizard skin DSP dual tape has excellent durability, increased shock absorption and great feel in any condition. These tapes are of two types one has short finishing sections for behind the levers, tape and bar end levers. Lizard skin DSP dual tapes are self adhesive. The company has recently launched new range in Lizard skin DSP dual bar tape which gives optimized feel and superior comfort. It has excellent durability and is tacky in dry or wet conditions. This tape is approximately 2.5 mm thick and provides has increase shock absorption. It is better to avoid stretching tape. While wrapping use light pressure to get snug wrap and also maintaining even spacing especially around brake house to prevent premature wear. While putting the Lizard skin DSP dual tape, be sure that you put left roll on the left side only otherwise you will end up in funny transition. If suppose you have the white/red roll then hold the tape in front of you with the white down and red up, like you are just about to wrap the bar. Similarly, for the right side handlebar the color should be red at the low end of the diagonal and white at the high end. Lizard skin DSP dual tape with dual color 2.5 is available in four colors that is black/white, black/green, and white/red, white/blue. Do not stretch the tape when you are putting it on. It is also not necessary and will cause your tape to wear faster. The dual bar tape of Lizard skin is grippy, rubbery bar tape which provides excellent grip especially for those who don't like to wear gloves and it only gets better as your hands sweat. The company also offer 1.5 mm thick bar tape that provides the same benefit as 2.5 mm variety but with a thinner feel for those who like to feel handlebar more. The 1.8mm tape is available in Black, White and Grey while the 2.5mm tape is available in Black, White, Blue, Red, Pink, Green, Yellow and Orange, plus a dual White/Black, White/Blue, White/Red or Black/Green for those that just can't decide on one color. Roadies who find themselves on rough surfaces will undoubtedly welcome the way the DSP material takes the shock out of their hands and maintains soft feeling in their fingers. If grippy and squishy is exactly what you're going for and you don't mind the artificial look and feel then Lizard Skin Dura Soft Polymer tape is an easy choice.
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