Los Angeles boasts of public beaches that stretch

by:Yourijiu     2020-06-19
The klieg lights Avoid all those movie star tours and just buy a map from a local convenience store. Unfortunately, only a handful of movie stars actually resides in Hollywood. What you will find in Hollywood, however, are plenty of museums and movie-themed restaurants. Visit the Grauman's Chinese Theater for the famous Walk of Fame. Or go to the famous Hollywood sign by driving through Beachwood Drive and turning left on Ledgewood Drive and then turning right again onto Deronda Drive. Note: Avoid the 405. You don't want to waste of your precious time being caught in traffic gridlock. It doesn't matter if it's nighttime or early morning, there's always a jam in the highway. Buy a map instead and plan your route. If you have car hire Los Angeles, park it somewhere and take the Metro Rail instead. Mickey Mouse and friends With your Los Angeles car rental, you can drive to Anaheim which is located east of downtown Los Angeles and from there, it's hard to miss Disneyland even without a map. This is perfect for small kids as most of the rides are specifically designed for them. There's also the famous Disney parade as well as a lot of fireworks especially during the summer. There's also the California Adventure next to Disneyland which is good for a visit. Universal Studios It used to be a film set but it has since evolved into a movie-theme park. The tour can basically be divided into two: the themed rides featuring famous movies like Jaws, Jurassic Park, Revenge of the Mummy, House of Horrors, King Kong, Waterworld, Transformers, etc. The trip also allows you to tour the different movie sets through the working studio. The Farmers Market Decades ago, this used to be a place where farmers converge to trade goods. But now it has become a place of convergence where food stands, restaurants, shopping areas, movie theaters and plenty of amusement activities. You can contact all those companies offering rent-a-car in USA so you can explore Los Angeles conveniently. You don't have to drive across the country for a quick trip here. You will waste precious time out of your vacation period on the road, particularly if you are living in the East Coast. Just buy a plane ticket and contact numerous car rentals in Los Angeles and find the best pricing package.
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