Maintaining the exterior beauty of homes can be

by:Yourijiu     2020-06-30
A garage door can come in a variety of styles that are made of wood, metal and fiberglass. They can all provide great curb appeal for a house. But, it is important for the paint on these doors to look good if they are to add value to the home's appearance. Preparation of the door should be done in anticipation of adding the paint. This starts with choosing the proper day. What this means is the weather has to provide low humidity and mild temperatures. When the weather cooperates, the first thing to be done is to rid the door of any dust or dirt. It should be thoroughly scrubbed. Old paint needs removal once the door cleaning has been finished. Any loose paint can be taken off with a wire brush. Paint scrapers can get rid of rust. The final bits of paint need to be removed with a chemical stripper. When this is done, tape should be put over areas that should not be painted. Then a drop cloth should be put down to keep the floor from becoming stained. Putting primer on a garage door should be done before adding the new paint. This should occur no later than twenty four hours after prepping. An exterior grade primer should be used. One that is latex based will work on both wooden and metal surfaces. The application can be done with a paint roller on the large, flat parts of the door. Then, a brush can be used for corners and other tough to reach spots. It would be best to allow a day to dry. When the primer has dried, painting can begin. There are three types of paint which are used: acrylic, alkyd oil based paint, and latex. One can apply all three in the same manner as the primer. If a second coat is desired, twenty four hours needs to be allowed for drying. Neatly painted garage doors Milwaukee can do a lot for the aesthetic qualities of homes. It is a painstaking chore. But, when the right preparation and eye for detail is applied it can lead to a satisfying payoff.
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