Making a few simple changes can transform your

by:Yourijiu     2020-07-06
1. Build places for your cat to climb. Cats are energetic creatures and love to climb: Stop them from damaging your furniture in their escapades by building somewhere for them to romp. A great solution for this is to use a bookcase as a climbing tree. Simply cut a hole wide enough for your cat to jump through in each shelf and cover it in carpet (to stop them from slipping). Your cat will love to jump and explore in this DIY playground and might even stop jumping all over your sofas! 2. Build a place for your cat to perch. If your cat's anything like mine, it loves to stare, particularly from a comfortable position. Help your cat to observe in peace with a handy perch. Try mounting an old crate to the wall, and give your pet a prime position. 3. Cater to their scratching needs. Cats scratch, they love it, we hate it, but there is a simple way to keep you both happy: A scratching post. It can also be helpful to teach your cat where not to scratch. If your cat is scratching furniture, spray him lightly with water. This will help your feline friend know where to scratch and where not to! Regular claw trimming will also help to keep your cat happy and your furniture scratch free. 4. Remove unwanted cat hair. Cat hair gets everywhere; a quick turn-off for any house guest. Defeat this unsightly mess with a simple DIY solution: Some tape. Sellotape will pull cat hair off clothes and surfaces with ease. For a quick fix, wet a cloth and wipe over the hair to remove it. 5. Get rid of litter box odours. It's a necessity for any cat owner, but litter boxes don't quite smell of roses. The best way to minimise this problem is to buy a hooded litter box. Hooded litter boxes reduce odour and give your cat a little bit of privacy. Make sure to empty the litter box daily and use good quality cat litter. If all else fails, invest in a good air freshener. The last thing you want is cat litter spread across your lovely laminate flooring. A hooded litter box should help keep the litter where it should be.
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