Many of us own first aid kits but have never examined

by:Yourijiu     2020-07-07
This piece is going to take a look at one of the items on the content list of a basic first aid kit for our home that has multiple uses. This item, the triangular bandage, is one of the least known about, yet most useful. It will help you out in a myriad of emergency situations. I realize this will not surprise many of you, but a triangular bandage is a big cloth that is cut like a triangle, usually made with loose-weave cotton, used in first aid. At other times, it is called a cravat (this is French for 'necktie') and is folded as a long, narrow (rectangular) band for specific uses. That said, let's analyze five different ways this sort of bandage can be used. Injured arm: The triangular bandage is able to be used as a sling to support the arm in a bent position over the chest. If accessible, a second triangular bandage is able to be utilized in the form of a cravat (folded to form a thick rectangle cloth) to restrain the arm next to the chest (you are wrapping the cravat around the torso as a swathe). This method is called a sling and swathe. Broken leg: To immobilize the leg, lay a blanket between the victim's legs and use the triangular bandage to connect the legs together (two of the bandages would offer better stability). Be careful not to constrain the blood flow in either leg by securing the bandages too tight. Sprained ankle or wrist: Utilize the triangular bandage like an Ace bandage, wrapping and supporting either the ankle or the wrist. As previously mentioned, be careful not to constrict blood flow of either appendage by wrapping it too tight. Head wound: Wrap the triangular bandage all around the forehead and continue on around the top of the head, covering the entire wound. Be careful not to cover the nose or mouth, and as always do not wrap the bandage around the neck, restricting blood flow to the head. Large wound: Fold the triangular bandage into the cravat, next, take this rectangle shaped cloth and place over the wound. It will absorb the blood and prevent further bleeding. If you have first-aid tape accessible, tape it into place, or else utilize a second cravat to wrap around the first one to hold it in place. Bottom line, these compact, triangular bandages serve many purposes, allowing the smaller first aid kit you enjoy in your home, or that home away from home, to do more.
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