Mara tape storage and transportation is introduced

by:Yourijiu     2021-02-05
Mara tape storage and transportation is introduced

1, mara tape should be stored in warehouses, avoid sharp; It is forbidden to contact with acid, alkali, oil and other organic solvents, and maintain a clean and dry. 1 meter distance found equipment, room temperature in - Between 15 and 40.

2, mara tape should be in place, not fold, storage time is too long, once every quarter turn.

3, loading and unloading conveyer belt, it is best to use cranes, and with a beam of rigging the smooth lift, so as not to damage the conveyor belt edge. Don't easily, this may lead to loose volume and loose tube.

4, the types of adhesive tape and specification should be according to the need of using rational selection and the specific situation.

5, not allowed to connect ( Match) Strength of different varieties, specifications, and cloth tape.

6, Myra should through the thermal curing adhesive tape conveyer belt joint, in order to improve reliability and maintain a high effective strength.

7, roller diameter and conveyor belt pulley diameter should comply with the relevant provisions.

8, don't make the tape crawling or creeping, flexible, but to maintain traction roller and vertical roller tension should be moderate.

9, when the conveyor is equipped with damper and cleaning device, should avoid to wear mara tape.

10, cleanliness is the basic condition of belt running, foreign body affects the eccentricity of adhesive tape, difference of tension and even rupture.

11, mara tape in the process of using early damage, if any, must find out the reason and repair in time, lest cause undesirable consequence.

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