Masking tape puts forward stricter requirements on the composition of pressure-sensitive adhesives

by:Yourijiu     2021-08-07
Pre-coating of masking tape: The pre-coating is also called the base coating. It is generally composed of two components with different properties. One of them has good affinity for masking paper, and the other is pressure-sensitive adhesive. The affinity is good, and the primer must have sufficient cohesion. Primer is divided into copolymer type primer and blend type primer. Compared with the two, the copolymerized primer combines two completely different components with very different properties. The two components are combined by chemical bonds, and the chemical properties are stable; the combination of the two components of the mixed primer is not stable. , Its single component may migrate to the pressure-sensitive adhesive.

Adhesive layer of masking tape: The adhesive layer uses pressure sensitive adhesive. There are many types of pressure-sensitive adhesives, such as rubber-based pressure-sensitive adhesives, acrylic pressure-sensitive adhesives, and hot-melt pressure-sensitive adhesives, which are used more frequently. There are also silicone pressure-sensitive adhesives, polyvinyl ether pressure-sensitive adhesives and so on.

The pressure-sensitive adhesive in the high-temperature masking tape needs to have good temperature resistance, which puts forward more stringent requirements on the composition of the pressure-sensitive adhesive. When using acrylic pressure-sensitive adhesives, appropriate soft and hard monomers should be selected, the proportion of hard monomers should be appropriately increased, and the glass transition temperature should be increased. Adding cross-linking agent, anti-aging agent and anti-aging agent to rubber pressure sensitive adhesive can also improve its high temperature resistance.

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