Masking tape warping problem

by:Yourijiu     2021-08-07

It is widely used in factory product painting and decoration color separation and shielding. It is a roll-shaped adhesive tape made of textured paper and pressure-sensitive glue as main raw materials, coated with pressure-sensitive adhesive, and coated with anti-adhesive material on the other side. It has the characteristics of high temperature resistance, good resistance to chemical solvents, high adhesion, soft fit and no residual glue after tearing. In the industry, it is commonly referred to as masking paper pressure-sensitive adhesive tape, or Japanese paper tape, masking tape, tin-spraying red masking acid and alkali resistant tape, and spraying red.

Let’s analyze six common causes of warping of high-temperature masking tape in daily use and the corresponding solutions:

Reason 1: The shape of the bottle is not reasonable, if the bottle The inner surface of the labeling area is partially spherical. When paper labels are used for labeling, the labeling area is large, and the lower end is prone to wrinkles on both sides after labeling.

Solution: A reasonable design should be that the surface of the bottle body is flat within the labeling range.

Reason 2: Glue is not sticky enough

Solution: Choose material with higher viscosity

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Reason 3: The pressure of the labeling machine is not enough

The solution: the glue viscosity problem, choose the glue material with the right viscosity

Cause 4: Adhesive selection improperly

Solution: When choosing a self-adhesive adhesive, you must first clarify the bonding required for the self-adhesive label Whether the agent is one-time sticking or re-sticking, permanent or removable, and whether the product has special requirements for the chemical characteristics of the adhesive label. For example, when making a label on a large curved surface, you should choose a film or a thin soft paper material and an adhesive with a higher initial viscosity. It is not suitable to choose a thick or hard paper material (such as mirror coated paper); Filled containers, self-adhesive materials, surface materials should choose film materials and adhesives with good initial viscosity

Edge warping reason 5: film tension control Poorly, after the label with too tight film tension is peeled from the backing paper, the label will be reversed, which will cause the label edge to be degummed and warped after labeling.

Solution: The correctly coated label is peeled from the backing paper and then flat, without curling, and the label can maintain good followability after labeling.

In addition, some spray paints need to be baked at high temperature, and the temperature resistance is different. Generally, the high temperature masking tape becomes more viscous as the temperature resistance increases. The high temperature resistant products currently operated by our company are: temperature resistance of 120 degrees, temperature of 160 degrees, and temperature of 210 degrees (all through the actual constant temperature test and repeated use by customers without degumming).

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