Medium temperature textured paper tape is introduced

by:Yourijiu     2021-02-04
Medium temperature textured paper tape,

specification: 990 ( Or 1. 25毫米) * 1500 m

base material: crepe paper

crepe tape color: cream-colored beige beige

glue series: natural rubber

total thickness:) 0. 145mm- 0. At the beginning of 180 mm

: ( 12 #

180 ℃ stripping:) 6 n / 25 mm holds viscous force:


4 h heat resistance: 150 ℃ 180 ℃

tensile strength:) 60 n / 25 mm:)


9% U. S. profile of paper tape main use: is suitable for all kinds of decoration industry, electronic industry, industry, footwear, and other purposes, has the good cover and protective. Suzhou positioning and packaging of all kinds of high temperature tape have very good effect. The protection of glued objects have good performance.

the masking tape features/applications

better initial adhesion, no residual adhesive, suitable for painting, baking chamber coating covered or electronic industry, etc. Flexibility, tear resistance, oil resistance, high temperature adhesive tape is very suitable for wet areas, have prevent paint peeling effect.

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