More than the dirt removing method of polyethylene tape

by:Yourijiu     2021-02-03

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life, wall stickers, left by the front gate of decorative items left behind, and the furniture adornment picture posted on the none leave no stains or glue stains - Polyethylene adhesive tape.

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in this case, we always like to Liverpool with a knife to surface, although polyethylene tape does not exist, but will leave more ugly scratch is not easy to eliminate the wind. In order to prevent the above situation, Mr Mr Petrol or kerosene gently saliva can be soiled of relaxed purify polyethylene adhesive tape of the adhesive. If you already use a knife to scrape it doesn't matter, gently cleansing with oil extract. Or use to cover, we often use nail polish while nail polish cannot remove stains, but always covered in the above than polyethylene tape that gunk left by the gunk things so, more health.

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