Multilayer repairing technology of polypropylene adhesive tape

by:Yourijiu     2021-02-03

because of high temperature operation and the traditional coating damage reasons such as frequent handling and pipe laying, make the factory prefabrication multilayer polypropylene adhesive tape coating dosage increasing, the corresponding developed such pipeline anticorrosive coating on-site repairing technology, PIH British company has developed three layer polypropylene repairing technology, its operating process is:

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1, cut off the factory coated pipe coating. < br / >
2, aluminum clamp set at the edge of the factory prefabrication anticorrosive coating. < br / >
3, descaling grade must achieve SA2, in accordance with the relevant provisions. Level 5, grinding processing bare metal interface area. < br / >
4, hardened preheating interface area reached 240 degrees Celsius. < br / >
5, epoxy coating solution, the first usually thickness is 250 microns, and spraying chemical modification of polypropylene powder, usually the thickness is 200 microns. < br / >
6, cut the advance in the 300 mm wide on polypropylene composite belt on interface, and in situ with squeezing pliers to fasten it. < br / >
7, clamp, from the circumferential and longitudinal joints used by die cutter produced v-shaped incision. < br / >
8, automatically or manually polypropylene extrusion welding machine welding v-shaped incision. < br / >
9, check the repairing quality after cooling.

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