No one knows when an accident will occur. Even

by:Yourijiu     2020-07-12
Each type of injury or harm brought by accidents at home has its own signs and symptoms as well as initial care management. And for you to be prepared all the time here is a list of essential medical instruments and first aid supplies that you should always include in your emergency cabinet. A pair of gloves. As part of the standard operating procedure, it is very important to always wear personal protective equipment such as gloves whenever dealing or touching an injured or wounded person. This is to prevent the spread of infection not just to the part of the victim but also to the part of the first aider. And when it comes to selecting the type of gloves to buy, it is good to pick those that are made of latex. Latex is a natural rubber and found to provide optimum hand protection against liquids, bacteria, oil, and other contaminated substances. Antiseptic Wash or Ointment. Aside from water and soap, antiseptic wash or ointment also helps flush out any dirt particle in the injured area. Surgical Dressing. It is a sterile pad usually made from thin and loosely woven cotton used as covering of open wounds or cuts so as to prevent the microorganisms from entering the body. Gauze pad is an excellent example of it. Adhesive Tape. This is very important securing the surgical dressing and when forming splint. Surgical Scissors. This specific type of medical instrument is very useful when cutting gauze pads, adhesive tape, bandages or removing clothing if necessary. Forceps. Another important medical instrument used for picking sterile items essential in giving first aid. Aside from forceps, tweezers can be used too. Bandage. It is a piece of triangular cloth used for wrap any part of the affected body. Bandages are often used when the victim suffers bone fracture or sprain as it helps stabilize the affected body. Bandages, along with gauze pad, can also be used in creating direct pressure on open wound so as stop bleeding. Antibacterial Band Aids. This is very important when giving initial care to all sorts of small injuries just like graze. Splints. It is a piece of flat wood used for supporting and immobilizing a broken bone or limbs. In order for a splint to be functional, it will always need a bandage. Instant Cold Pack. The initial care being provided to so as to ease the swelling of bumps and bruises is through cold compress. That's why, it is very necessary to always include an instant cold pack in the emergency cabinet of your house.
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