[Office Supplies Management System] The world-renowned 'Ivory BMW' luxury goods will appear at the first China Gift Show

by:Yourijiu     2021-08-19
On October 24, the 16th China (Shenzhen) International Toys and Gifts Fair will be grandly opened at the Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center. The scale of the exhibition will exceed 90,000 square meters for the first time. The seven major function halls will gather nearly 3,000 exhibitors from home and abroad, and they are expected to be present. The audience reached 120,000, still maintaining the advantage of China's No. 1 Gift Show. According to the organizer Reed Exhibitions...   On October 24th, the 16th China (Shenzhen) International Toys and Gifts Fair will be grandly opened at the Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center. The scale of the exhibition will exceed 90,000 square meters for the first time. There are nearly 3,000 exhibitors at home and abroad, with an estimated audience of 120,000, still maintaining the advantage of the No. 1 Gift Fair in China. According to the organizer Reed Exhibitions Huabo, in addition to hot products such as toys, ceramics, handicrafts, business gifts, home textiles, luggage and leather goods, the world-renowned ivory BMW luxury goods of the office supplies management system will also appear in Hall 6. . The ivory BMW tooth carving car was carved by Guangzhou tooth carving folk artist Su Zhongyang and others over 3 years. It is called Jiujiuxianglong. The car is inlaid with mammoth ivory and yak bone, and is decorated with diamonds, gold, red envelopes, etc. The vehicle weighs about 2 tons and is carved with 99 auspicious dragons, which symbolizes the dragon of Jiuzhou. The work adopts a trinity technique in the carving technique, which combines dental carving, relief carving, round carving, inlay and hollowing. The office supplies management system can be described as a masterpiece of modern craftsmanship and classical carving. It has great ornamental and collection value.  According to the Beijing Olympic Organizing Committee’s Market Development Department, the sales of Olympic licensed merchandise may eventually reach 1.4 billion U.S. dollars. Driven by the Olympic effect, in addition to traditional handicrafts rich in Chinese elements, scroll paintings, ceramics, gold and jade jewelry and silk products, which are highly sought after by the market, Olympic licensed merchandise, collectibles, sporting goods for various events, and fitness products It is driving the entire gift market to continue to rise.   Driven by the Olympic Games, this year's domestic gift purchase boom is earlier than in previous years, and it will set off a peak before the Spring Festival. The Shenzhen Gift Show to be held in late October is just in the golden season of gift purchase. The exhibits in this exhibition will reflect the strong Olympic style, and the office supplies management system will cater to the market's ardent demand for Olympic-related gifts. Jiang Chengwen, chairman of Reed Exhibitions Huabo, recently expressed optimism about the gift market after the Olympics.  In the face of the new economic situation, many gift toy companies urgently need to open up new markets. First, they must understand the specific details of local customs, culture, and etiquette in order to make their products more targeted. To this end, this year’s Shenzhen Gifts Fair has been upgraded in various aspects such as pavilion refinement, show-in-show, value-added services and specially invited buyers, to build a green shopping channel for specially invited group customers and professional buyers from all over the world. Make in-depth communication between the supplier and the demander, so as to know oneself and the enemy. The toy hall was established for the first time in cooperation between Reed Exhibitions Huabo and the 'Toy World' magazine. It has received strong support from toy bases in Chenghai, Zhejiang and Yunhe, Zhejiang, and has also attracted various toy associations to convene companies to participate in the office supplies management system. The new trend of lively toys will be performed together; the ceramics hall will gather top porcelains from the four major porcelain capitals of Yongfengyuan Chinese Porcelain, Taiwan Qiantangxuan Porcelain, and Jingdezhen; the Home Textiles and Leather Goods Hall has both Beijing Yilian and Nanjing Home textile giants such as Tai Oath and Shenzhen Lianchuang Hao Lunlai, as well as leather goods companies such as Dupont, Caesars, and POLO, will compete for domestic and foreign boutiques. Since the development of the gift industry, the gift market has developed more and more in the direction of tailor-made according to the requirements of customers. This trend is reflected in this Shenzhen Gift Show. The glassy glaze rich in Chinese elements designed by the exhibitor Yiya The booklet has been designated as an official gift by the 7th Asia-Europe Summit.  Jiang Chengwen introduced: Affected by the domestic economic environment, the overall cost of the entire gift industry has risen by 20%. Cost saving has become an industry trend. However, Shenzhen Gift Show is still the first choice for companies to participate in the industry as a weather vane. He analyzed that the value-added services provided by Reed Exhibitions Huabo focus on ‘digging for new channel buyers, helping customers enter new markets’ and helping small and medium-sized enterprises to survive the ‘cold winter’. Office supplies management system We look for relevant organizations and associations to negotiate, and guide gift companies engaged in foreign trade to focus on the domestic market. Authoritative experts, scholars, and combat factions in the industry have also been invited to help these companies analyze the current economic situation, industry characteristics, future trends, etc., to help them transform, and find counterpart buyers for them.
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