[Office supplies price] retro paper making experience the fun of creation

by:Yourijiu     2021-08-16
Nowadays, there are more and more popular DIY handmade shops on the streets, and the price of office supplies. In the Lingnan Impression Park of the university city, there are still hipsters playing with ancient paper making, that is, using ancient paper making methods to make all kinds of paper and paper on site. Crafts. The reporter saw the crude waste paper in the small shop. After the clerk’s skillful hand production, a piece of distinctive colored paper was immediately turned into a piece of color paper, and after processing, it became a likable... Nowadays, a popular DIY handmade shop on the street More and more, the price of office supplies and the influx of people in the Lingnan Impression Park in the university town have played with the ancient papermaking method, that is, using ancient papermaking methods to make various papers and paper crafts on site. The reporter saw the crude waste paper in the small shop after the clerk's skillful hand production, immediately turned into a unique colored paper, and then processed it into a flattering paper art product. If you like DIY, you might as well take time to visit the site during the holidays, learn ancient man-made paper, and feel the fun of the whole process. Colorful and full of personality  The reporter saw at the entrance of the store, there was a large sealed wooden box filled with water slurry. Office supplies Price shopkeeper Ms. Liu puts some crude waste paper into the water slurry and stirs it with a wooden stick to make the paper completely dissolve in the water, just like a paste. Then, she picked up the copper mesh and wooden sieve and put it into the paper box, shook it gently, and slowly lifted it up, forming a layer of paper on the copper mesh after blocking the water. Finally, use a rubber roller to repeatedly roll to press out the moisture in the pulp, and then gently lift the sieve to leave the pulp on the board. Let it dry naturally in the shade and gently lift it from one corner, and a piece of paper will come out. Xiao Liu said that DIY papermaking is not difficult at all, as long as you play it a few times to become proficient. In the process of playing, the most special thing is that you can create colorful paper. Because you can put some colorful waste paper in the pulp, or add some petals, weeds, leaves, silk threads, etc., it is colorful and full of personality. Reprocessed and made into gifts The reporter noticed that in a corner of the shop, there are neatly arranged papers made on site. Although the prices of office supplies look a bit crude, they can give you a magical feeling. The shop also uses these papers as raw materials for personalized processing, and produces a variety of paper art products, such as heart-shaped paper boxes, tree-shaped gift boxes and some paper tie flowers. On the other wall of the shop, there are many paper crafts, created by Xiao Liu and other shop assistants. Xiao Liu said that when they have time, they will make some paper crafts to attract customers' attention. Sometimes, they continue to develop new patterns. In order to make more cute and interesting paper art products, they also bought relevant books and studied them carefully. Teaching method Live experience The store has been opened for several months in the Lingnan Impression Park in the university town. Although the income is relatively small, it still impresses the customers who come to play. Xiao Liu said that selling paper and paper art in small shops is not their main source of income. Temporary teaching is the main operating feature of small shops. The biggest idea of u200bu200bthe shop is to let customers experience the process of papermaking and paper creation in person. The price of office supplies makes them feel happy. This is the so-called experiential consumption in the market. Nowadays, many young people are willing to make things with their own personality. Therefore, a set of tools for paper making and paper crafts are prepared in the store. Customers who like to play DIY can show their skills here. In addition, art is also given to special customers, so that they can make some innovative paper art products. Xiao Liu said that not long ago, a young man came to the shop and personally made a beautiful paper rose heart ring from the paper he made. The female clerk in the shop came up with a lot of good ideas and taught him how to decorate the paper heart ring. As a result, after the young man gave out this unique paper rose heart ring gift, his girlfriend was very happy.
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