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by:Yourijiu     2020-07-04
With a basic set of metal alphabet stamps and a hammer, you can also create artistic bands or tags to use when designing home decor, gardening or even gift wrapping projects. Use the following steps to use metal stamps with ease. Gather the materials you need to use metal stamps, including a set of steel stamps, a regular-sized hammer (smaller hammers designed for craft purposes like setting eyelets won't pack enough punch to create an impression with the metal stamps), a cushioning material (such as a self-healing cutting mat) to protect your work surface from scratches and something to stamp. Consider creating imprints with the metal alphabet stamps on objects like aluminum plant tags (to identify seedlings in your garden, tack onto candles or use as gift tags), metal tags (to create pet, identification or gift tags) or paper tags with wide metal rims, for example. Place the tag on the self-healing cutting mat atop a hard surface such as your garage's concrete floor. You don't want to run the risk of damaging a wood table or ceramic tile by hammering with the steel stamps on the fragile work surface. Tack small items down with a piece of double-stick tape to prevent the item from slipping as you work with the hand metal stamp. Position the first metal alphabet stamp on the metal object where you'd like the letter to appear. Hold the stamp halfway down so your fingers don't get pinched below the stamp or the hammer. Rap the back of the hand metal stamp firmly. Exert more pressure if you're trying to use metal stamps on more durable objects like heavy metal tags-items like aluminum plant tags will require little effort to make an impression with the steel stamps. If the letter isn't clearly defined, simply place the stamp back over the shape (it should fit into the partial letter easily) and hammer once again. Add definition to your design once the entire word or message is engraved onto the metal with your steel stamps. Buff some metallic rub-ons, acrylic paint or even stamping ink onto the surface, letting the color get into the grooves made with the sheet metal stamping. Let dry a few seconds, then use a soft cloth to buff the excess paint or ink from the metal object, just leaving color inside the letters.
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