One of my best friends gave me a dozen trays as

by:Yourijiu     2020-07-07
It is more commonly for a jewelry seller to clean jewelry and jewelry display sets, they have to make time every few days or weeks to clean their jewelry and jewelry display stands, it's part of their maintenance job to make sure that the jewelry they sell is still in top-notch condition. But how to clean jewelry display stands? First of all, you should know the type of jewelry display stand. For each type of display stand, there's a different method of cleaning. If you have a lot of trays, towers, platforms and risers to clean, classify them by its type. Place the plastics in one side, the metals on another and separate the acrylic displays. If you have wooden displays, keep them aside too because cleaning wooden displays is easier than cleaning plastic. Begin to clean. For metal displays, there is only one way, that is wipe it with dry cloth or using a small vacuum to get to the sides. Do not use a wet cloth because it will tarnish its color. To clean the inner side of a tray, you can use a small brush for help. You can also wipe acrylic jewelry displays with cloth. Be careful when you're handling them. If possible, don't use cloth that can still drip with water. That may be harmful to your stands. For plastic display stands, use a slightly damp cloth to wipe, the wipe should not too damp, though or you may damage the whole display stand. When it comes to wooden displays, you can wipe or brushed them. On the other hand, crystal or glass display stands can be wiped as well. But if you want to remove the fingerprints, you'll need a roll of scotch tape to remove them completely. Note: When you're done wiping, lay out your display stands in front of a cool electric fan. By doing so, your display stands can dry faster, the faster they dry, the faster you can get them wrapped up again. As to wooden stands, you can set them outside under the sun, because if they do not dry well, it is high chance that they will harbor a bad smell. But you can not take your metal displays outside because they don't do well once dust and wind hit them.
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