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by:Yourijiu     2020-06-16
1) Choosing the reliable shipping company 2) Products are properly packed In the domestic transportation cargo is carried in containers while when the shipment is carried out of country, it may be transported by ocean freight that may be loaded several times from one vessel to another by a sling or conveyor that will put extra strain on products. Overseas handling facilities may not be sophisticated enough to handle the packaged products individually. These products may be stacked up, dragged, pushed, rolled or even dropped during loading and unloading to the final destinations. Being a reliable wholesale supplier or dropshipper, be sure to fulfill specify packaging requirements following the basic guidelines used for packaging: The first consideration of packaging the products is to consider the size and weight of the product, convenience of packing, shipping mode and shipping charges. After this it is important to decide the carriers that you will use in packing. There are basically three components of packaging when the products are shipped to international customers, the outer packaging, the inner packaging and the covering method. The outer packaging is used to package products on the whole and it usually contains big corrugated boxes, envelopes, courier envelopes, wooden cages and plastic cases. The best of all outer packaging products is cardboard boxes that can be used to pack any packed product. These boxes are quite economical, handy and practical to provide adequate protection to products. A wooden cage can be placed inside the cardboard box to keep the fragile products in original form. The inner packaging is another kind of protective material that is used inside the cardboard boxes to secure the products. Few products like books do not require inner packaging but few products like glass tubes require inner packaging. The purpose of inner packaging is to fill the voids to secure the products. The cushions fill the voids to protect the packaged item while shifting or dragging during shipment. Bubble wraps or foam can be used as inner packaging material. The covering materials are used to protect the inner and outer packaging. That is why a covering material must be strong enough to protect both types of packaging. The most popular covering material is different kinds of sealing tapes. There are different types of tapes like pressure sensitive tape and water-activated tape that are heavily used in packaging the wholesale products. Common tapes like masking tape can not be used to seal heavy packages.
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