Originally the cellophane tape with so many USES, a lot of people don't know life tips, you know

by:Yourijiu     2021-02-04

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believe that every household has a transparent adhesive tape, only use it to stick things is so bad, it is not looked a little transparent adhesive tape, it also has a lot of use, you may have thought, here small make up take you to understand it. < br / >

the use of transparent adhesive tape < br / >
1, borehole < br / >
when punching walls, you will often poorly controlled drilling in deep? Only with nails measuring length, and then put a piece of adhesive tape in the punching machine, will be accurate.

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2, the amount of control spices < br / >
when cooking, with a spoon scoop salt and raw powder always control is not good, teach you a method, stick a tape in the bottle, gently a bit, just a small spoon. < br / >
3, remove hair coat on < br / >
home clothes and hat inevitably will stick to the hair, wrapped with transparent tape, then the clothes on the hair will be very easy to stick on it.

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4, wear a bracelet < br / >
yourself wear a bracelet on always wear? Teach you a recruit, use the tape on one side, then you can easily.

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5, do stickers < br / >
when you see your favorite pattern, it can be printed, with transparent plastic paste, and then with a spoon force surface scratch, cut, soaking in the water, then wipe clean can be posted on the glass.

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6, clean fingerprints on the keyboard and stain < br / >
took a piece of scotch tape first, then stick on the keyboard, and then gently buckle a button from the keyboard, finally broke the scotch tape. Through many times to do this, you can easily remove dirt on the surface of the keyboard.

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