Our standard of living has increased in the past few years

by:Yourijiu     2020-07-07
Early wiring methods In the olden days wiring method was way different then today. Conductors bared or covered with cloth was used in the first interior power wiring system, which were secured by stapling them to the running boards or the framing of the building.. The conductors that went through walls were protected with cloth tape. This method was dangerous and thus new and effective house wiring solutions were invented. The underground conductors were insulated with wrappings of cloth tape soaked in pitch, which were laid in hollow wooden logs and then buried. This method of wiring was dangerous and the result was not satisfactory and hence new method of wiring came into existence. Pre-Modern wiring methods After the dangerous wiring methods new and standardized method of wiring was invented. Till around 1930's the method of wiring in buildings were knob-and-tubes. Single conductors were run through cavities in walls and ceilings with ceramic tubes that formed protective channels through joists and ceramic knobs. These ceramic knobs were attached to the structural members to provide air between the wire and lumber, this saved from short-circuits, which usually occurred when the electrical house wiring was not done correctly. This method was replaced by a modern method because the cost of labor involved in installing knobs and tubes was to high. Modern day wiring methods Modern day wiring methods are more convenient in nature. The growing technology has allowed invention of wireless technologies which are more efficient and offer enhanced performance than their predecessors. Now many homes use electrical cables for their wireless gadgets that are more safe compared to the earlier ones as they are hidden behind the walls. The quality of wires have also become more superior compared to the older ones. They save more energy they are flame retardant and smoke free. The modern non-metallic sheathed cables consist of two or four wires covered with thermoplastic insulation and a bare wire for grounding is surrounded by a flexible plastic jacket. Some wires are also covered with mica flakes for areas that fall under high temperature. This modern day method is safe and cost effective that assures a safe life.
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