Over 180 years ago, the first waterproof garment was made

by:Yourijiu     2020-07-09
Look at any article of clothing and you'll see where two pieces of the material were joined together. This is a special problem when you are trying to put a waterproof garment together. Needles make holes, and that counter acts your whole intention. There are chemical and adhesive options for sealant, but they aren't that strong. If you want to create a bond around these puncture points and eliminate the potential for leaks around the seams, you'll need seam sealing tape. The most popular use for seam sealant tape is for heavy duty fire fighter gear or similar rescue teams. It's not limited to these professions, though. There are a variety of other practical applications for seam sealing tape. Outdoor Gear- Any outdoorsman knows that the weather waits for no one. The rain won't hold off just because you've scheduled your hunting trip, and the best camping grounds aren't always that easy to get to. Depending on the purpose of the garment, outdoor gear can either be completely waterproofed or partially. In any case, the seam sealing tape is around the highest leak points and keeps moisture out. Sealant tape is also used in backpacks, sleeping bags and tents. Subterranean Gear-There are not many people that brave the strange environments of caves, underground lakes and river systems. These places have extremely heavy moisture so it's important to make sure you stay dry and comfortable. Seam sealing tape is used around the garment to prevent moisture from pooling in seams and then soaking into the clothes and onto you. Hazmat Suits- Most applications of seam sealant tape are not life and death, but with hazmat, it is. These suits are used by workers that respond to any sort of hazardous situation. These suits need to be airtight, and the seam sealant tape ensures that. It protect workers from elements in the air, or can even be used to protect a patient that needs a sterile environment. Medical Environments- Much like with hazmat, seam sealants and sheets are used in the healthcare field. If a patient needs a clean room and a sterile environment, the tape is used not just on garments but in the room to ensure they are protected. It can also be used in the field to create a more sterile environment. Military Personnel- A big problem in past wars were soldiers suffering from the effects of leaking garments and shoes. They had to lay in trenches and were victims of the elements, causing their health to suffer. Advancements have been made in military clothing with seam sealing tape and waterproofing. This allows for soldiers to be exposed for long periods of time to harsh environments and their health not suffer.
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