【 Packing tape factory 】 Share with you double-sided tape traces how purify

by:Yourijiu     2021-02-04

stuck on the glass double-sided tape how purify? Seeding double-sided tape on the wall, let the person, and use a brute force is not necessarily solve, double-sided adhesive tape how purify?

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1, wiped her face oil applied to go up, wipe divide evenly, with nail him to pick out first, and then take a wet towel to wipe off.

2, with hair dryer, glue baking heat can get down.

3, with the wind, just in a moment away, give it a try.

4, you can try a trial rubber. But in the beginning you may feel more clean the dirty, but to wipe a little long time, you will see the effect, this approach is tired, want to have perseverance.

5, with blisters, put a little detergent, and then use an old toothbrush brush to brush.

6, a cloth dipped in alcohol or spirit erguotou wipe.

9, a just wipe off with a little letter sodium water, or use a paint thinners can.

10, dip in with cotton wipe nail polish remover.

double-sided tape how to remove two slay recruit

1, hair dryer, applicable to the plastics, high temperature double-sided adhesive on the surface of the object.

2, wind: apply to the surface of all kinds of can't use hair dryer.

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