【 Packing tape factory 】 Share with you packing tape instruction and its advantages and disadvantages

by:Yourijiu     2021-02-04

clear packing tape is in two-way stretch polypropylene film as the basic material, namely we often hear of BOPP material through the use of advanced production technology process synthesis. Transparent packing tape is kind of sealing glue, color usually used for transparent and cream-colored, can do 4000 - at a time 5000 square meters, the production of calculate with square metre, but the general market to buying and selling for the unit volume or weight.

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1, sealing tape, use the

the primary protective packing tape: primary protective for the surface protection of product, the product form around a very light, protective appearance, changzhou pack to dust, oil, moisture-proof, waterproof, anti-theft purposes. Particularly important is wrap film packaging make packaging items even stress, avoid uneven cause damage to goods, this is the conventional packing tape packing can't do it.

2, sealing tape and

has been basically can judge of tape from the appearance, then the most important condition for a bad tape just don't feel alone feeling viscosity, because at the beginning of doping tape in the absence of volatile viscous force is very high, so use tape paste objects, then quickly pull the retention repeatedly paste to hand over a few times, you obviously feel came down.

3, sealing tape classification

packing tape is two-way stretch polypropylene film ( BOPP film) As the backing material, evenly coated on one side sill a pressure-sensitive adhesive layer of adhesive tape. Packing tape classification: transparent packing tape, colored packing tape, printing packing tape three categories.

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