【 Packing tape factory 】 Share with you the classification of the tape

by:Yourijiu     2021-02-04
Tape is often used in our everyday life, often used in packaging industry, adhesive tape manufacturers in order to meet the requirements of big clients to produce a variety of classification of the tape. What is tape classification?

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1, the adhesive tape according to the effect of his points can be divided into: high temperature tape, double-sided tape, electrical tape, die cutting tape, anti-static tape, warning tape, anti-static demand different effect for different industry.

2, according to the division base material: can be divided into the BOPP tape, duct tape, kraft paper tape, textured paper tape, fiber tape, PVC tape, PE foam tape, etc.

3, according to the division application range: can be divided into the beauty warning tape, carpet tape, electrical tape, protective film tape, wrapping tape, packing tape, die-cutting adhesive tape, etc.

4, according to the division market penetration: can be divided into ordinary tape, special tape. According to the application environment temperature division can be divided into low temperature tape, tape, high temperature tape at room temperature.

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