【 Packing tape factory 】 Share with you the principle of scotch tape and introduction

by:Yourijiu     2021-02-04

in our daily life, everywhere can see the existence of the tape. In our life, work, in the process of learning has its existence. Even some special tape has a special use in special occasions. Scotch tape, just as its name implies is a transparent adhesive tape, it appear in our life is very common. Face we are familiar with the tape, but not everyone knows what it is to use the principle of, then with small make up together and see it.

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the principle of adhesive tape and introduce everyone should not unfamiliar, basic everyone used, but not necessarily everyone knows why can stick tape? The problem, of course, because of its surface coated with a layer of adhesive relationship! The earliest adhesive from animals and plants, in the 19th century, rubber adhesive is the main ingredients; While modern widely used all kinds of polymer. Adhesive to stick to things, it is because of itself and to connect objects of molecules between the formation of bonding, the bonding can put the molecular firmly sticking together. Adhesive composition, according to the different brand, different types, there are different kinds of polymers.

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