Packing tape factory to share with you crepe tape utilizes the knowledge of life

by:Yourijiu     2021-02-04

Is a high-tech decoration, crepe paper coating paper ( Because of its special purpose of performance, also called separation with paper) , which are widely used in interior decoration, household appliances paint and high-end luxury car spraying. Its boundaries clear, bright color separation effect, and both arc art effect, for decoration, spraying industry has brought a new technological revolution, make the industry coruscate gives new vitality. At present, the base paper crepe paper production technology is still in the blank at home, domestic base paper used are all imported from the United States, Canada, Italy. < br / >

crepe tape now used for decoration, paint, paint coating covered and semiconductor components such as fixed and other industries. Compound crepe tape stripping, at the beginning of adhesion, cohesion, strong acid and alkali resistant, non-deformation, heat-resistant up to 230 degrees to 260 degrees, often used in PCB tin plating, surface oxidation treatment, protect, and easy to stick steel plate assignments, and high temperature powder spraying.

  Below tape factory bring some methods to use in the grain tape in life < br / >
1, the hair: on the floor, carpet unwanted hair, pinch the, sweep them all, shan does not walk, do family members have hundreds of root hair metabolism everyday, how to do? Stick! Find a roll of tape, wide finished click a cut, along with it, even as the dust of the earth is missing. < br / >
2, replace, bundling rope tied rope tape do? Of course I can. Especially in the rope s scarce. Adhesive tape is not light energy is used to sealing, also can become the rope, the up and down or so that a few, then set aside the position of a mobile ( Remember how this position can also use the duct tape around a few times, can disperse stress and reduce the burden of the hand. < br / >
3, do rope carrying heavy things, hand hurts? Afraid of blister? Tape, on the need to carry on the backpack belt around in circles, both hands is such a relief. < br / >
4, correction correction fluid containing toxic chemicals? That in what way can, with rubber? Still use sticky tape, nonpoisonous and harmless, the children all know. The used parts have also been they fold into the stars, is really smart. < br / >
5, repair pants/skirt/dress while now pants/skirt/dress while suddenly off-line, who has not met? Home also just will do, but if you don't want somebody else chuckle behind? Have a roll of narrow double-sided tape, try the best lark, just with a stick, reoccupy finger bellies so a pinch, impeccable.
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