【 Packing tape factory 】 To share with you the characteristics of the packing tape when use

by:Yourijiu     2021-02-04

in both study and office, everyone should be familiar to tape. It appears in XingXingYeYe in our life. We need a lot of in the office to learn to use it. At the same time on the packaging and transportation, the use of the tape is more frequent. , of course, packaging and transportation of adhesive tape and the tape is not the same, we use sealing tape in the packaging industry is a specific packaging tape, on its characteristic with adhesive small make up together and see it, can let you better understand it.

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to understand the characteristics of the packing tape when use

1. Adhesive force: packing tape stick namely namely;

2, fixed capacity: even if only a small pressure, can also according to your idea the cementation on the workpiece;

3, easy to tear off: easy to tear off from the coil, and won't have tape stretched and drag the phenomenon;

4, a control: packing tape in a controlled manner and pull away from the coil, neither too loose nor too tight;

5, kindliness: packing tape can easily adapt to snap the shape of the curve;

6, thin: packing tape doesn't leave the edge of the thick deposits;

7, smooth: packing tape feels very smooth, by hand press will not stimulate the hand;

8, resisting retraction: packing tape can stretch along the curve surface and won't bounce back off.

about the characteristics of the packing tape we first arrived here today. I believe I can make you better understand it.

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