【 Packing tape manufacturer 】 Kraft paper tape is to share with you what?

by:Yourijiu     2021-02-04

Kraft paper tape is kraft paper as the backing material, coated with glue in the side, make its have the viscous form a strong adhesive tape.

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classification in order to avoid water kraft paper tape wet water kraft paper tape, high temperature resistant kraft paper tape, kraft paper tape, kraft paper, white tape, layering, kraft paper tape, etc. Wet water kraft paper tape can be printed. Avoid water kraft paper tape with high strength kraft paper as base material, the thermal glue. Wet water kraft paper, kraft paper tape as base material, manufactured with modified starch as adhesive. Only by a wet water viscosity can be produced, it has characteristics of can write on paper. Suitable for export carton sealing or covering the handwriting.

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