【 Packing tape manufacturer 】 Share with you the purpose of the 3 m tapes

by:Yourijiu     2021-02-04

3 m tape is a kind of chemical indicator tape. Take a certain length when using pressure steam sterilization indicator tape, and then paste directly on the package outside, suggest not less than 5 cm, and pressure sensitive adhesive tape in order to increase the effect of viscosity and the packet; Also can use a ball-point pen directly recorded on tape.

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3 m tapes of USES:

1, the package can be used for pressure steam sterilization chemical detection;

2, 3 m tape used for assessment of sterilization package ever has sterilization, and then examine whether sterilization sterilization conditions are met;

3, pressure steam sterilization indicator tape paste directly on the package, operators and users can be directly observed change color, can timely find unqualified sterilization package.

4, 3 m indicating adhesive tape can be used to discharge type and vacuum pressure steam pot.

small make up epilogue: through on in the face of 3 m tapes please solution, I believe you must have some idea, also know the specific use of 3 m adhesive tape.

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