【 Packing tape manufacturer 】 Share with you the transparent tape material

by:Yourijiu     2021-02-04

  Transparent packaging tape we are familiar with, in offices and homes often need to use the packing tape, what material is made of transparent tape? Common material with small make up take a look at, we have BOPP, PE, PVC of the three materials.

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BOPP is mainly used for production of raw materials, sealing tape, transparent tape used BOPP material made of transparent adhesive tape with high intensity, good transparency, for oxygen, nitrogen blocking performance is good, good low temperature resistance, the advantages of small proportion, was welcomed by the majority of users.

2, PE

with different kinds and concentration of catalyst, changing the ratio of the catalyst components and the polymerization temperature, different performance can be obtained from high density polyethylene ( PE) Resin. Can also according to the needs of users, in the process after adding different plastic additives, made different purposes of aggregate.

3, PVC

polyvinyl chloride, PVC) Is one of the five general plastics, its production site after polyethylene, worldwide and in second place. PVC resin with stronger polarity and can increase the plastic. Has a good processing performance, can produce from hard to soft the performance of various products.

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