【 Packing tape manufacturer 】 Share with you the use of transparent adhesive tape

by:Yourijiu     2021-02-04

in the life and work are frequently used scotch tape, commonly used is packing tape, the Courier also compares with packaging tape, this is printing custom tape, there is also a is warnings tape, these are more common. Together to get to know the scotch tape can use in what place?

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transparent adhesive tape is mainly used to what? < br / >
tape to can be PVC electrical insulating tape, special tape, PVC wire conduit protection tape, warning tape, textured paper tape, double-sided tape series and packing tape, stationery tape, PVC high temperature environmental protection flame retardant adhesive tape, PVC green car wiring harness tape, duct tape, carpet carpet double-sided tape. Transparent adhesive tape products are widely used in packaging, sealing and so on all walks of life.

  Every factory general is useful to the transparent sealing tape, especially using more companies such as packaging, packaging, such as postal, Courier company with too many. Transportation company, packing, loading computer computer city, packaging, wholesale markets, clothing and so on the shipment of packing need to use transparent adhesive tape. Advertising companies, schools, civilian class company with transparent tape is very much also.

  Transparent packing tape is suitable for carton packaging, spare parts fixed, sharp objects bound, art design, etc. ; Color packing tape offers a variety of colors to choose, can meet the demand of different modelling, beautiful appearance; Printing packing tape for sealing, express logistics, international trade online mall, electrical appliances, clothing brand shoes, lighting lamps and lanterns, furniture furniture, and other well-known brands, using printing packing tape not only can improve the brand image, it is more important to achieve the effect of a broadcast.
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