【 Packing tape manufacturer 】 To share with you the warning tape application

by:Yourijiu     2021-02-04

warning tapes in fact we are not unfamiliar, life can be seen everywhere, such as: supermarket, construction, road, shop floor and ground the warning line drawing of paste, etc. Will see.

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Mainly is to give people a warning role, make people pay attention to don't get close to! As well as dividing line, ban, warning, remind, and emphasizes the role of these for our benefit is to facilitate management! The warning tapes in addition to these everyday we all know, how much you know? Adhesive small make up take you together and see it

& have spent Warning tapes of viscosity is stronger, can effectively used in common cement ground, than the ground stroke paint, simple operation. Not only can be used in common ground, can also be used in the wooden floor, ceramic tile, marble, wall and machine, and can use only the ground stroke paint on common ground.

Warning tapes for use in the process is also known as the stick tape or logo tape, product is in use in the process of waterproof, moisture-proof, anti-static, weather resistance and other advantages, warning tape is very suitable for pipe, oil pipe on the underground pipeline corrosion protection.

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