Packing tape or something?

by:Yourijiu     2021-02-04

now many enterprise because of lack of professional knowledge of packing tape, adhesive tape when buy so the it is easy to be brought into a myth, and because your imagination is very easy to cause the source of the enterprise to cut corners. So the enterprise at the time of purchase packing tape should pay attention to the following several aspects.  

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say choose tape first time calculation method. Many at the time of purchase tape don't know how to choose the index, and sell a lot of business is in a fog, Some of them are just know the purchase price) Now distinguish tape category with adhesive thickness, diameter, the number of meters, the code number. One of the most standard is to use the meter number or code number. Among them were profiteers make use of the place is full.   < br / >
1, adhesive thickness, in order to increase the thickness of the whole roll of duct tape small manufacturer do not hesitate to increase the impurities, for micrometers can be used to calculate the tape thickness, even the smallest impurities can also make tape thickness increases a generation, that is why we see a lot of market have color yellow hair green tape, attended the impurities.   < br / >
2, diameter, the most direct is to increase the thickness of paper tube, a lot of inferior adhesive tape the paper tube thickness even have 10 mm, here are a set of calculation data and images seen it will know there are how much profit.   < br / >
3, yards, often see sell tape said he was 1000 yards, 800 yards, moreover looked just know they have 1500 yards of his many laps is called a code number. First of all, understand a concept is 1 yards = 0. 9144 meters, with adhesive tape as a reference of this standard is 300 * 0 300 yards. 9144 = 274. 32 meters, glue is 37 mm thick, if it is profiteers 1000 yards of the so-called thickness are fast to catch up with the car wheels, so they said 1000 yards' fabrication, if have identical coincidence. Because our people are unlikely to dismantle the whole roll of duct tape measure distance, so just 1500 yards of the wedge out standard. It traps.   < br / >
a, smell, if the smell is very strong, has a sour taste, this tape retention is very poor, especially in low temperature environment, basic stick on the carton will craze, smell the strong early feel when viscous force is very sticky, but will soon dry rubber surface, loss of gum, that time in the tape surface has crack. Because of the glue not divide evenly.   < br / >
2, see the brightness of the membrane, inferior adhesive tape are usually dark color, this kind of tape fracture probability is very high, intensity difference.   < br / >
3, membrane thickness, feel feel hard membrane adhesive tape is generally more times, and as the film thickness, the actual number of meters will be reduced. Good tape chooses membrane are soft, good tensile staying power by hand.   < br / >
4, the color and general appearance color more white transparent tape, adhesive tape impurity is less, to guarantee the normal adhesiveness, 100 meters below the tape has certain transparency can see paper tube. Surface had yellow tape the tape distribution of irregular white point, pressure by hand wipe not to go for impurities or glue dry imprinting, this product is generally with a smell. < br / >
5, the paper tube: use thick paper tube adhesive tape is usually to misdirect consumer. Tape production began from abroad, so the tape paper tube diameter is 7. 6 cm, but inferior adhesive tape on the thickness of the tube is to do, and cause this situation with many consumers still have a relationship, many people think that the thicker the paper tube, the outer ring, the greater the tape is, the more fiercely a listen to is correct, it can calculate carefully? Said with 3 mm paper tube and 7 mm paper tube is right, if two volumes on the edge of the tape from the paper tube diameter to tape pure tape thickness is 1 cm, we can use a mathematical formula to calculate the 7 mm 3 mm paper tube paper tube contrast each 1 cm thick glue can be more than a few meters tape? < br / >
the characteristics of the printing sealing glue < br / >
, an enterprise development to a certain time to set up their own enterprise image, own plant products want to get rid of the traditional image, want to upgrade, to further make a positioning, packaging is undoubtedly the first improvement, for their own factory custom printing sealing glue has the following benefits. < br / >
a: improve their brand image of the factory. < br / >
2: can you make a product propaganda effect, more can put the enterprise business contacts, address, telephone and so on printed on it. < br / >
3: printing sealing glue can act as a security role, once customers reflect to us before send logistics is always less goods inside the box or missing cargo, have more very person refers to the defective goods to the person in, if this kind of situation, printing sealing glue can play the role of a security seal. < br / >
4: printing sealing glue can bring you more products sales, do well the printing sealing glue is gorgeous, and focuses on the customer's attention, on your product have a preconceived effect.

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