Painting a room or even the entire home can be

by:Yourijiu     2020-06-29
1. The latex paint trickled down the wall When you accidentally take an excessive quantity of latex-based paint on your brush, it might happen that the stream will run down the wall and reach the floorboards before you notice. Now, while obviously you should be careful to rub off the extra paint from the brush in the first place, the stains are the issues that you need to deal with at this point. Latex paint is alcohol soluble, but trying to clean then with too much alcohol can damage the finish of the flooring. Instead, you can dab the spots with standard alcohol-based pimple pad that can be purchased from most cosmetic stores until it begins to soften and then simple rinse it away. 2. Staircase spindles, chairs and stools are a drag It's difficult to paint these fixture mainly due to the fact that you can't hold them very well without messing the coat of paint that you previously applied. However, a simple trick that allows you to paint the stair spindles evenly consists of driving screws into their extremities and positioning them on a couple of sawhorses. For chairs and stools, the process is similar, except the screws will be inserted in the low extremity of the legs to provide extra elevation. 3. The protective covers won't stay in place For square-shaped furniture, simple plastic or cloth covers constitute enough protection because the profile of these fixtures permits you to fasten them easily. However, the same does not apply for appliances or fixtures that have unique outlines, like the sink or the toilet bowl for instance. In this case, you should consider purchasing Press'n'Seal plastic wraps from your local hardware store. These solutions adapt to the exact profile of the fixture and don't come off accidentally. 4. The endless tape issues Tape is an excellent way to protect the trimmings from stains while you paint, but it presents the risk of ripping off flakes from the finish when you try to remove it. Therefore, before you tear it off, you should soften it with the aid of standard hairdryer set to warm airflow. Heat can also enable you to pull off the end of a stubborn tape roll without ripping it improperly, if you first warm it in the microwave oven for 5-10 seconds. 5. Getting rid of excess paint All you need for a 'device' that allows you to rub off excessive paint from the fibers of the brush is an old coat hanger, a bit of tape and of course, the paint can. Remove the bottom rod of the coat hanger, position it cross-sectional on top of the paint can and fasten it with tape. Now you can simply press the brush hair against it and the excess paint will trickle back in the can every time.
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