Parents always buy toys for their kids because

by:Yourijiu     2020-07-04
Which waste materials can be used to make toys? Plastic bottles, empty Coca-Cola bottles and so on. Several toys made from waste materials are introduced in following. Road roller Materials: round iron can lid and one thick rope, which should not be too long for safety using. Production process: make the rope thread the hole on iron can lid. Sometimes, the iron can lid get sound out, which increases the fun. Specification: kids between one and three years old can push such handmade toys on desk or drag it when walking. By this way, it can promote children walking ability and practice lower limbs activity. Handmade drum Materials: one iron can, one thick stick, old cotton and cloth Production process: put old tire fur or kraft paper at both ends of the iron can, which likes one drum, then packing old cotton and cloth on thick stick to form one drumstick. Specification: when playing with such handmade drum, kids with the age between one and three years can practice their muscle on hands. Handmade vehicles Materials: toothpaste boxes, matchbox, film shaft, spools or small caps Production process: drawing toothpaste boxes or matchbox like all kinds of motor vehicle figure or train figure, then installing film shaft, spools or small caps on the bottom. Vehicles toys are made by these simple processes. In addition, you can also make traffic lights or command station. Specification: every kid has one such vehicle and drives or pushes it to play game. In the process, a lot traffic rules can be taught to kids. Clothing toys Materials: Cardboard, white paper, tape, etc. Production process: tailor cardboard into shapes of several male and female dolls. Then draw different clothing with different colors and shapes on white paper. Specification: when playing this game, children who acts customer should select clothing for their dolls, and children who acts designer should designer white paper to meet the customer's need. Finally, put the customized clothing on doll's body and paste with tape, that's ok.
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