PE bag, PP bag and the difference between PO plastic bags

by:Yourijiu     2021-02-06
PE bag, PP bag and PO plastic bags: the difference between PE and PP is raw material of English abbreviations. PE chemical name is linear polyethylene, is divided into two kinds. Is a kind of high density polyethylene, linear we usually called the PO - - HDPE, the other is a linear low density polyethylene, PE - is what we usually call - - The LDPE, actually there are two kinds of the linear low density polyethylene, LDPE and LLDPE ( We will call them respectively is main and deputy makings, but do plastic bags when two to match up with) 。 Chemical name and PP polypropylene, no more detailed distinction, sign a contract when there are three kinds of raw material is LDPE/LLDPE/PP. Finished product is the PE bag ( PO plastic bags is not export name) And PP plastic bags.

bubble bag, bone bag of raw material is PE material, synthetic material is LDPE and LLDPE, like general factory of plastic bags and PE plastic bags, such as electronics, electrical appliance factory, hardware factory, following enterprise, garment factories, shoe factories and so on.

    PE bag has a very wide range of applications. Farmers plowing in the film and PE material, PE bag looks transparent, feels very smooth and soft sound loud and good toughness, This is the LLDPE at work) 。

and PP plastic bags most used for gift packaging, and finished goods clothing sales, we buy new clothes have a plastic bag packaging and with a layer of double-sided adhesive sealing product that is usually the PO plastic bags.

PP plastic bags are very transparent, feels too slippery, but very hard body, noise is very big and very brittle, fold it up and there will be a crease, and PE plastic bags, there is no. Because of good transparency, so look class gift packaging is high. PP plastic bags like PO plastic bags, but the transparency than PO, so PP plastic bags from PO plastic bags have more advantages on the price.

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